Therapy 300

Therapy 300 is a face-to-face group therapy where you will discover coping techniques that will help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. You will learn healthy coping mechanisms to manage your moods, stress, and boredom. You will learn to recognise your emotional triggers and to create an actionable plan to manage them.

Learn from others

You will be able to engage and learn from the experiences of others, sharing one’s own issues and challenges will help you understand that you are not alone. Receiving and providing emotional support during Therapy 300 helps develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships within the therapy group. This will result in providing the connections necessary to support each other on your ongoing journey to stay healthy.

You will enjoy presentations and talks from other organisations that may be able to assist you with your health and wellbeing. Many clients are often surprised by how rewarding their experience has been through Therapy 300.

360 Clubs – Listening to our clients

After listening to our clients we introduced the 360 Clubs as a peer-to-peer support volunteer led group. 360 Clubs are available when you are dependence free and wish to continue having support from people who understand your journey, want to share a laugh together, and make lifelong friends.

If you are interested in joining a club or you would like to start your own 360 Club.

“I had tried many times to come off diazepam and failed miserably each time. Luckily my GP told me about PostScript360. You guys treated me with respect, kindness, kept it real and supported me all the way until I was dependence free”

JC, London

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