Telephone Support Service

We will provide you with a personalised taper schedule, support plan, therapy and ongoing support while you are tapering off your medication.

What happens when you call?

We will conduct a triage over the telephone to understand your needs, and book you in with one of our practitioners for a full assessment. After your triage you will be sent a welcome letter with the time and date of your assessment, a service leaflet, an Information Sharing and Consent Form and PostScript360’s Privacy Statement will also be included.

Scheduled one to one calls

After the assessment you will receive weekly scheduled one to one telephone calls with a trained practitioner in prescription drug dependence and withdrawal.

Taper schedule and support plan

PostScript360 will provide you with a personalised taper schedule and a support plan to help you manage your reduction and minimise your withdrawal. Each benzodiazepine has a different acting half-life that influences the length of time it takes for the drug to leave the bloodstream. People taking benzodiazepines for several months or more and in high doses are likely to experience more withdrawal symptoms that last longer than those taking smaller doses for a shorter length of time. We will provide the best recovery plan that will suit your needs on tapering off your medication safely.

Ongoing support

Once you are managing your taper you will be invited to Therapy 300. PostScript360 will support you throughout your tapering journey until you are safely off your medication.

“You listened to me, even when my doctor didn’t, you were the only ones that understood how to taper off Benzos, it’s hard to believe how many years I lost. Your team are amazing, my life is so different now. I go for walks, spend time socializing with my friends and laugh!”

SB Bristol

Would you like some help?

Please get in touch if you would like one of our team to contact you.