Our Approach, Beliefs & Values

We provide a wide range of high-quality services with a person-centred approach of a personalised taper schedule working with the client’s GP, mental health services, drug agencies, and support groups in a range of community settings that combats loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Our Approach

  • To strengthen people’s personal identities by connecting them with others that wish to share their individual life stories of dependency and their worries. To be listened to and not feel alone on their journey to become free from benzodiazepines.

  • Develop sustainable relationships between other non-profit organisations, the NHS, and community services and to work with lead organisations on delivery, sharing knowledge and innovation.

  • Use our specialist knowledge and experience to educate health practitioners. To build their knowledge and confidence in supporting people in their care affected by prescribed drugs of dependence and withdrawal with more meaningful and holistic values as part of their everyday work.
  • Collaborate with local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG’s), Primary Care Services and other local health providers in delivering our services.
  • Advocate and campaign to improve services for people dependent of prescribed medication and work with partners in the voluntary, public and private sectors to raise awareness and change attitudes and behaviours.

Our beliefs

  • Getting to know people as individuals, understanding their life stories, knowing how best we can support them.
  • Everyone has a right to dignity and respect as valuable individuals no matter how they encountered prescription drugs of dependence.

  • We aim never to turn anyone away from our services but we understand that we cannot support everyone. We will find the correct pathway with another organisation to ensure individuals receive the best service for their needs.

  • To challenge health professionals and practitioners of the problems caused by benzodiazepines and other similar drugs by promoting prevention awareness and sharing our knowledge.
  • To work with as many GPs and health professionals in delivering a recovery and support plan for our clients.

Our  Values

  • Respectful to each and everyone
  • Responsive and person-centred
  • Patience
  • Sharing knowledge of best practice
  • Being creative and using innovative approaches
  • Supporting people’s choices and their decisions

“Zopiclone made me tense, scared and my anxiety was sometimes off the Richter scale. By having PostScript360 by my side each month got easier until I was able to say goodbye to the drug. PostScript360 you have been a life saver.”

Mat, Cardiff

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