Knowledge sharing

PostScript360 shares its knowledge with health practitioners and other professionals who come into direct contact with clients, either face-to-face, over the phone or online, who use prescribed drugs (including benzodiazepines, Z drugs, sleeping pills, Pregabalin, Gabapentin and opiate-based painkillers).

Organisations we work with:

  • Statutory and Voluntary sector Drug and Alcohol services
  • NHS Mental Health services
  • GPs and primary care workers
  • NHS Accident and Emergency Departments
  • Police, Prisons, Criminal Justice

  • General nurses
  • Support workers/ Residential treatment providers

PostScript360 promotes best practice of safe prescribing and withdrawal management of prescribed drugs associated with dependence and withdrawal (that do not risk disregarding the 2017 Consent Law) to all organisations and services. So together we can eradicate the harms of long-term use of pharmacological dependence.

What others said about our service?

“I was most impressed when you came and spoke to the Clinical Psychologists at the Coast Resource Centre a couple of months’ ago and I feel that our multidisciplinary team would really benefit from having the same talk. Your session was very informative and thought provoking – I believe that it really changed our thinking about the effects of, and withdrawal from, taking tranquilisers. For my part, it has made me question how readily our services prescribe these medications without always talking through the full implications with service users. We have many training and educational sessions, but I do feel that your talk is one which I will remember and will inform many future discussions on the subject.”

Dr Suzanne Davis, Clinical Psychologist (North Somerset Liaison and Later Life Therapies)

“Life is not a rehearsal, I spent so much time being miserable in my own company, now I intend to live my life and put the past behind me”.

Paul, London

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