Service Contributions & Fees

PostScript360 does not receive any funding from the NHS and relies on donations from our community, their friends and family, fundraising, and from charitable grants. To provide our services it costs the Charity approximately £2,000 per person per year. We are a non-profit organisation – all funds received go towards the Charity’s activities.
We ask those who are employed to contribute a reasonable monthly donation, or if you are unable to work, to contribute less and the charity will subsidise the rest. Please see our service leaflet for details on contributions.

Suggested Contributions

  • Employed £60 – £100 pm
  • Retired £50 – £100 pm
  • Pip £40 – £60 pm
  • Universal Credit £30 pm

Private Therapy

Please contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs with our practitioners.

Fees from Private Therapy is ploughed back into the Charity to support the most vulnerable people in our community and towards prevention awareness.

“You never stopped believing in me, the team were so encouraging and positive, I started to believe, and I won the battle.”

JJ Bristol

Support Us

We have produced a helpful Fundraising Guide with useful tips and inspirations. We will be here to support you so your fundraising will be successful and most of all fun!

How to donate

You can make a one-off payment or a regular monthly payment. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this form of payment.

Leave a gift in your Will

The earlier we can plan the better and more secure our future will be.