Breaking the vicious cycle

It took a long for me to get the help I needed, why you may ask? I felt I was never ready, I knew I had a dependence to diazepam, but my anxiety was always constant, and I had read tapering off benzos is extremely difficult. Out of the blue and feeling strong I phoned PostScript360, they explained their service and booked me for an assessment. I didn’t have the assessment;

I ignored their call and then I felt guilty for not answering. A couple of months later I call PostScript360 again, the person on the phone remembered me but did not judge me, saying it will only happen when you are ready.

I knew I had a challenge ahead of me, and I needed to taper from this drug that was sucking my life away from me. PostScript360 are experts in their field, they treated me as an adult, listened to me, and made it very clear that their aim is to support me until I am dependence free. I am pleased to say I am 3 months dependence free! It was hard at times, not physically but psychology, I thought my anxiety would be worse, but it is much better, and I can cope. It sounds strange but I can breathe again, I am me and I have unlocked the chains of my vicious cycle.

Howard, Bristol

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